Westlake Village Real Estate! 

Real Estate in Westlake Village, Ca is an exceptional thing to own! The Exquisite community is part in Ventura County, Ca  and part in Los Angeles County, Ca. Offering all the amenities that you would expect from a city just outside the metropolitan area it is no mystery as to why so many of the worlds rich and famous call Westlake home. Take a look at the websites that will help you learn and understand the simple yet majestic lifestyle of Westlake Village, Ca. Click here to see the weather in Westlake Village today. If you would like to learn more about Westlake/ Westlake Village real estate call me today at (805) 390-0418. 


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If you are looking for specific information about Westlake and/or surrounding communities contact us, we know the county and there are not many that can say I have been born and raised in Ventura County!